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At brij, we only employ senior-level, multi-disciplinary project managers and consultants. Below is a list of available brij talent. If you have any suitable openings for the below skill sets, please send your requirements to or call 866.GET.BRIJ (438.2745) [toll free] for more details about these consultants. Need something that you don’t see? Contact us!
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Featured Resources

Senior JD Edwards Developer

  • 20 years of experience in JD Edwards as a Lead Developer and Technical Project Manager
  • Technically skilled in the following areas: developing complex programs and applications, reviewing technical specifications, creating process designs, and data conversion/EDI
  • Versions: World A7.3, Xe, EnterpriseOne 8.0, 8.11, 9.0, 9.1, 9.2

Senior JD Edwards Finance Consultant

  • 20+ years of experience in Financial Accounting and Reporting, Budgeting, Sarbanes-Oxley auditing and compliance.
  • Specialties include: Finance Module (General Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable), Job Cost, Fixed Assets, Procurement (Purchasing), Work Order Management, Real Estate/Property Management, Configurable Network Computing, Foundation, Address Book, Inventory Management, Requirements Planning, Report Writing
  • Versions: World A7.3 – EnterpriseOne 9.2

Senior JD Edwards Distribution Consultant

  • 20 years of JD Edwards Distribution experience, including Sales Management, Advanced Pricing, Inventory, Procurement, Accounts Payable, Bulk-Inventory, Address Book, Foundation, and Apparel Management.
  • Deep JDE file and field knowledge that is critical in data mapping efforts such as converting from legacy systems and utilizing standard JDE EDI capabilities.
  • Versions: World A7.3 – EnterpriseOne 9.2

Senior JD Edwards Project Manager and Supply Chain Consultant

  • 30+ years of JD Edwards experience as a Manufacturing and Distribution systems professional and certified Project Manager
  • Specialties include: Product Data Management (PDM), Shop Floor Management (SFM), Material Requirements (MRP) and Capacity Planning (CRP), Product Costing, Forecasting, Manufacturing Accounting, Quality Management, Inventory Management, Procure to Pay, and Order to Cash
  • Versions: World – EnterpriseOne 9.2

Senior JD Edwards HCM Consultant

  • 23 years of experience in JD Edwards specializing in Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Specialties include: Timecard Entry, Equipment Entry, Deductions, Benefits, and Accruals, Competency Management, Performance Management, Interim Payments, AAI’s, Labor Distribution, Applicant Tracking, Timecard Automation, Employee and Manager Self-Service, Payroll, Union Processing & Reporting, Job Management, Workflow, Expense Management and Government Reporting
  • Comfortable working in both US and Canadian JD Edwards Systems
  • Versions: World A6.2, A8.0, Xe, EnterpriseOne 8.0, 8.12, 9.0, 9.1, 9.2

Additional Available Resources

Skill Set Version(s) Years of Exp Location Type
Finance, Real Estate, Job Cost, CSB Xe, E1 16 PA Contract
Manufacturing, Distribution World,Xe,E1 22 GA Contract
Distribution, CAM, CRM, Finance World,Xe,E1 15 NC Contract
HCM E1 20 MD Contract
Development, BIP Xe,E1 12 IL Contract
Development World,E1 30 GA Contract
Manufacturing, Distribution, PM E1,Xe 18 MI Contract/Full Time
Finance, Manufacturing Accounting, Distribution, UPK World,E1 22 NC Contract/Full Time
HCM, Finance E1 16 VA Full Time
Applications Manager, PM, Finance, Distribution World 15 CA Full Time
Distribution World,E1,Xe 24 NC Contract
Development World 14 IL Contract
Development World 9 GA Contract/Full Time
Development World 23 TX Contract/Full Time
Development World 28 NY Contract/Full Time
Development, DSI World,Xe,E1 19 OH Contract/Full Time-Local
Distribution, Manufacturing World,E1 19 CO Contract
Distribution, WMS, Advanced Warehousing, Transportation Management E1 31 GA Contract
PM, Developer Xe,E1 20 SC Contract/Full Time
Development, BIP World,Xe,E1 10 TX Contract/Full Time
Distribution, Advanced Warehousing World,Xe,E1 17 WI Contract
CAM, Finance, Distribution World,E1 20 TX Contract
Finance, Job Cost, Contract and Service Billing World,E1 23 CO Contract
Distribution, Manufacturing E1 6 IL Contract
HCM E1 21 SC Contract
PM, Distribution, Finance World,Xe, E1 22 CA Full Time
Applications Manager E1 10 CA Full Time
Techno-Functional (Dev, Mfg., Dis, Fin) World,Xe, E1 16 VA Full Time
Finance, Distribution Xe, E1 16 Michigan Contract
HCM E1 8 TX Full Time
Applications Manager, Solutions Architect, Finance, Real Estate, Homebuilder, Distribution World,E1 12 CA Full Time
PM, Finance, Distribution World,Xe, E1 15 CA Contract
Development World,Xe, E1 14 FL Full Time
Techno-Functional (Dev, Dis, Fin, Mfg.) World,Xe,E1 18 IL Full Time
Techno-Functional (Dev, Finance, Distribution) Xe, E1 17 VA Full Time
Finance, PGCA, Purchasing, Subcontract Management World,E1 19 CO Contract
Finance E1 2 FL Full Time
Finance, Property Management World,E1 18 SC Contract
Finance, Distribution World,Xe,E1 25 NY Contract
Finance, Property Management World,E1 28 CO Contract
Techno-Functional (Finance, CSB, Distribution, Adv Pricing, Dev) World,Xe,E1 20 IN Contract/Full Time
Distribution, TMS, Manufacturing World,E1 20 IN Contract
CNC World,E1 21 OH Contract
Finance, CSB, Job Cost, Homebuilder, UPK World,E1 20 TN Contract
EAM, CAM, Finance World,E1 30 FL Contract
Techno-Functional (Developer, BI Publisher, Distribution, Financials, Fixed Assets, CSMS, Manufacturing, HR/Payroll) E1 15 NC Contract
Finance, Job Cost, Distribution, Manufacturing World,E1 28 PA Contract
Developer World,E1 26 TX Contract
Distribution, Manufacturing World,E1 24 FL Contract
Developer, BSSV, BI Publisher, CNC E1 16 NJ Contract
Developer, DSI World,E1 16 GA Contract
Finance, CSB World,E1 21 EX Contract
Finance, Fixed Assets, Job Cost, One View World,E1 30 FL Contract
SCM, Manufacturing, Distribution, Advance Pricing World,E1 17 CT Contract
Finance, Distribution, Job Cost, Fixed Assets E1 18 NJ Contract/CTH
Finance, Job Cost, Contract Management, Service Billing, HR/Payroll, Self-Service, Distribution, Advanced Pricing, EDI World,E1 27 WI Contract
Manufacturing, Distribution, Finance, HR/Payroll, Job Cost Advance Pricing, MRP, DRP World,E1 28 AZ Contract
Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution, Contract Service Billing, Fulfillment Management, Advanced Pricing, Property Management World,E1 21 GA Contract
HCM World,E1 22 TX Contract
Finance World,E1 23 GA Contract
Finance, Job Cost, CSB World,Xe,E1 20 WI Contract
CNC, Developer E1 16 NY Contract
Finance, Distribution, Manufacturing World,E1 26 FL Contract
Developer, DSI World,E1 13 SC Contract
Finance, Job Cost, Contract/Service Billing, Manufactuing Cost Accounting, Distribution E1 14 NV Contract
Techno-Functional (CNC, Finance, Dist, Job Cost, Contract/Service Billing, HR/Payroll) E1 20 TX Contract
Development, DSI World,Xe,E1 16 GA Contract
Finance E1 11 LA Contract
Manfacturing & Distribution World,E1 21 NV Contract
Distribution World,E1 20 FL Contract
Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution E1 23 MN Contract
Finance, Job Cost, Fixed Assets, Inventory, MRP, Property Management World,E1 38 NJ Contract
Manufacturing World,E1 27 PA Contract
Finance, Fixed Assets, Job Cost, Distribution, Contract Billing, Product Costing World,E1 26 CA Contract
Distrbution, Manufacturing, Finance World,E1 30 FL Contract
HCM World,E1 26 DC Contract
Distribution, Advanced Pricing World,E1 36 SC Contract
Asset Management (CAM/EAM/ALM/SWM/CSMS/EPM/PM) World,E1 28 NM Contract
Manufacturing , Distribution, PM E1 17 NC Contract
Manufacturing, Distribution, Advance Pricing E1 17 CA Contract
Finance, Distribution World,Xe,E1 19 TX Contract
Distribution, Advanced Warehousing, Advanced Transportation Management, Advanced Pricing, DSI, RFSmart E1 19 ON Contract
Finance, Distribution, CAM E1 22 WA Contract
Distribution & Financials World,E1 28 FL Contract
Distribution, Manufacturing World,E1 19 FL Contract