NetSuite includes a suite of cloud-based financial, ERP, & ecommerce software run by over 30,000 organizations in more than 100 different countries.

To ensure NetSuite is performing the way that is optimal for your business, you need a partner that has experience you can rely on. Partnering with brij can make the difference in helping you tailor your NetSuite platform for your business & maximizing ROI of your enterprise software investment.



NetSuite Services

Protecting ROI of your ERP system starts with the right partner. brij's NetSuite consulting team has over 30 years experience providing companies with enterprise software solutions. From implementations to upgrades to custom application development, brij can help you get the most out of your enterprise software investment and take your ERP to the cloud.


NetSuite Advisory Services

A successful NetSuite project starts with a clear vision of your organization’s enterprise application objectives. Our expert team of senior NetSuite consultants will ensure your NetSuite application works for your organization in a way that fits your business needs. Partnering with brij for your NetSuite project ensures a you will have all the support you need for planning your next big NetSuite project.

NetSuite Process Improvement Services

Get the most out of your NetSuite application with brij’s Business Process Improvement Services. Our expert NetSuite consultants will evaluate the way your currently leverage your NetSuite ERP and provide a roadmap to making your enterprise software solution exactly what your organization needs to streamline efficiency and maximize ROI.

NetSuite Training & Education

Our NetSuite consulting team’s training & education program, brij University, is a NetSuite enablement program individually tailored for your business.


NetSuite Project Services

Regardless of your NetSuite application objectives, brij’s team of consultants will be able to help you to reach your goal by recommending best practices and working with you every step of the way. Whether you are configuring, implementing, upgrading, migrating or undertaking any other NetSuite project, brij has your back. brij’s NetSuite Project Services include:

  • NetSuite Implementation
  • NetSuite Upgrade
  • NetSuite Migration
  • NetSuite Integration
  • NetSuite Custom Application Development
  • NetSuite Mobile Application Solutions
  • NetSuite Security & Access Management Services
  • NetSuite Digital Transformation Services
  • NetSuite Data Archiving Solutions
  • NetSuite Analytics, Reporting, and Business Intelligence
  • NetSuite End-of-Year Services


NetSuite Support & Managed Services

brij’s Support Services for NetSuite provide comprehensive, 24x7x365 support to keep your NetSuite application running smoothly. Partnering with brij for your organization’s NetSuite technical and functional support ensures that your application users & IT staff have the support they need to help you actualize measurable ROI from your NetSuite system.

  • Fully managed NetSuite services: NetSuite solutions tailored to your business.
  • Accelerated incident resolution: Access to brij dedicated support teams’ expertise for rapid incident resolution.
  • Reduced costs: Cost-effective access to NetSuite enterprise support providing control and minimized operating costs.
  • Heightened Security & Reduced Risk: NetSuite platform monitoring to detect performance dips and avoid issues before they happen.
  • Client-Partner Partnership: Highly individualized relationships to grow your business’ success.
  • 24x7x365 Monitoring: Network monitoring 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, businesses experience an additional level of comfort & security.
  • Vendor Relationship Management: Issues with slowdowns & outages are dealt with immediately & directly with vendors by brij.


NetSuite Staffing Solutions

brij only employs experienced, senior level NetSuite consultants, enabling our team to see beyond NetSuite software configuration to the business needs driving your requirements. Through a cohesive partnership, we supplement your existing team – enabling you and saving you time & money, and allowing you to free up IT resources to focus on other key objectives.

brij can help set your team up for success with our senior NetSuite consultants & project managers for opportunities including full-time, part-time, contract, & contract-to-hire opportunities nationwide. ​