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Vendor Shootout™ for ERP

Created in 2007 by brij, the Vendor Shootout™ for ERP has helped to simplify software selection for hundreds of companies throughout the US and abroad.  brij’s goal was to create an event where qualified manufacturing and distribution organizations could come and witness multiple ERP packages in action, without sales pressure.   What started as a unique concept, has grown into a international brand that has and will continue to change the way manufacturing and distribution organizations approach their software selection projects.

Geared toward ERP selection teams and decision makers for companies with manufacturing and distribution requirements, the Vendor Shootout™ for ERP is ideal for businesses who are budgeting for or are currently evaluating ERP software.  Through scripted and unscripted product demonstrations from several vendors, companies can ultimately walk away with a short list of potential products.

Scripted, software demonstrations by each vendor will allow an "apples to apples" comparison of each product.  Each vendor will follow the same script guidelines to present similar functionality covering the basic requirements of manufacturing and distribution companies.  This is a rare opportunity to get your team together for two days focused on the top Enterprise Software Vendors in the world. What normally takes weeks of organization, logistics and planning can be all done at the Vendor Shootout™ for ERP.

For additional information or to register, visit the event website, www.erpshootout.com or contact us.

“I am SO confident that my product stands up against the competition that I would be willing to line it up alongside those competitors and in front of some project-minded individuals to demonstrate what it can do in a controlled environment. Our competitors will do the same thing, and the attending audience will be allowed, without bias, to make up their own minds as to what products look good to them in terms of functionality, usability, and efficiency.”

- Martin Green, President, brij

Visit www.ERPShootout.com for information
on the next Vendor Shootout™ for ERP