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Oracle Financials Cloud

Today, organizations are under increasing pressure to provide accurate and reliable information faster and more efficiently to both internal and external decision makers.  As an integrated financial management solution, Oracle Financials Cloud enables our clients to:

Make Better Decisions.

  • Support all your financial reporting and analysis needs from a single system
  • Gain real-time access to your live financial data through self-service reporting
  • Complete your financial reporting sooner

Meet Financial Compliance.

  • Ensure your compliance with global accounting standards, out of the box
  • Benefit from simultaneous accounting of multiple reporting requirements
  • Adhere to multiple legislative, industry or geographic requirements

Improve Your Bottom Line.

  • Increase accuracy of your financial reports with embedded transactional intelligence that guides usersí decisions, reducing transaction processing costs and data entry errors
  • Capture transactions with greater efficiency and lower cost for resource-intensive tasks
  • Streamlined configuration templates and spreadsheet interfaces to support rapid implementation
  • Predictable subscription pricing for a tool that delivers instant value and increased productivity

For over 28 years, brij has been enabling the success of companies with Oracle solutions.  Our clients are adopting the SaaS (Software as a Solution) model in many different ways.  It is our strategy to offer the most flexible, comprehensive solutions that enable our clients to focus on their core business, while driving value from their software investments.  

Balance Your Budget with a Fixed Price, Fixed Scope Implementation

brijís Oracle Financials Cloud fixed pricing, fixed scope offerings provide our clients with an effective and efficient way to plan and manage their implementation projects.


Through brijís predictable cost structure and our well-defined, strategic approach to project planning, our clients are able to realize efficiencies and improvements to their bottom line quickly. 


From requirements definition through quality testing, brijís #1 goal is to ensure that your business requirements are met and that your system provides you with the best performance. 


Contact us today to discuss how brij and the Oracle Financials Cloud Solution can enable your organization to make better decisions, meet financial compliance and improve your bottom line.